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Rubik's cube themed fidget spinner

This 3D printed fidget spinner speaks to your inner cuber...
4x4x4 Bump Cube 3D Printed Extensions

Rubik’s cube themed fidget spinner (3D printed)

The spinner performs really great! My longest spin time (using R188 bearings) in 2:41 seconds… which is great for such a lightweight spinner.

Why?!? I saw some people turning cubes (mostly 3x3x1’s) into spinners, but I liked the idea of making a real spinner that simply looked like a cube (kinda). I’m sure this has probably been done before, and if I’m knocking off someone else’s idea then I apologize.

Dimensions: 56mm x 56mm x 7mm
Specifications: FDM printed in black PLA in 150 micron layers with a R188 stainless steel bearing & bushing from Spinnercraft

Stickers from SpeedCubeShop (GANS AIR Full Fit)
Bearings from Spinnercraft
3D Printing by 3DPros

You are welcome to contact me here or you can also find me on Facebook.


  • 3d print the body
  • It will accept a normal fidget spinner 608 bearing… a cheap back tri-spinner works nice with the black caps.
  • Gans Air cube stickers fit really nice since the cube dimensions (width) match and the Gans air has a circular center.
  • All my tests were FDM printed in black PLA material  in 150 micron layers
  • You can purchase any of my extensions in a kit (with stickers) from Oliver’s Stickers.
  • Stickers can be purchased at Oliver’s Stickers


Rubik’s Cube Themed 3D Printable Fidget Spinner Core by TwistyTex is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike license.


This is a short video clip showing the spinner turning (slowly)…

Disclaimer: Use these files at your own risk. No guarantee or warranty is either expressed or implied.